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Neues menschliches, rekombinantes Interferon-Gamma

New human recombinant Interferon Gamma
: Slodowski, O.; Boehm, J.; Otto, B.

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DE 1990-4036856 A: 19901119
DE 1990-4036856 A: 19901119
EP 1992-900077 A: 19911114
WO 1991-DE912 W: 19911114
DE 4036856 C1: 19920527
EP 652903 B1: 19980304
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The invention refers to a new mutant of the INF- (Fig. 1). This new polypeptide contains 134 amino acids. The amino acids 1-132 correspond to those of natural Interferon-. The first amino acid methionine at zero position is also present and was detected by protein sequential analysis. The amino acid at position 133 is leucine instead of glutamine. The invention also refers to DNA sequences and a plasmid DNA (DSM 6238) which is encoded for this new polypeptide. The invention also refers to the application of the polypeptide as a pharmceutical and a fine chemical for in vitro experiments.