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Ein neuer Verfahrensansatz zur Früherkennung wasserstoffinduzierter Spannungsrißkorrosion

A new approach towards the early recognition of H-induced stress corrosion
: Lang, M.A.; Altpeter, I.; Dobmann, G.


Materials and corrosion 46 (1995), pp.422-425
ISSN: 0947-5117
German, English
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
HISCC; hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking (HISCC); NACE-Lösung; NACE-solution; nondestructive testing; wasserstoffinduzierte Spannungsrißkorrosion; Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung

The investigation show that diffusion of hydrogen into ferritic steel leads to changes in the micromagnetic properties of the material. This can be explained by the interaction of the magnetic structure with locally occuring fields of residual stresses. In principle, an early recognition of H-induced stress corrosion cracking is thus possible.