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Neue Wege bei der Prozeßüberwachung an Drehmaschinen. Gleichzeitiges Erfassen von Spann- und Zerspankräften mit einem Sensor

: Spur, G.; Stelzer, C.

VDI-Zeitschrift 134 (1992), No.12, pp.50-56 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0372-543X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
clamping force; cutting force; measuring system; process monitoring; Prozeßüberwachung; Schnittkraft; Schnittkraftermittlung; sensor; Spannkraft; three-jaw chuck; Werkzeugbruch; Zerspankraft

Tool wear and tool breakage recognition is based as a rule on previously "learnt" signal patterns when it comes to monitoring the machining process of machine tools. This is necessary as the vibrations of the tool may superimpose on the cutting characteristics to an extent that an evaluation without any pattern becomes incertain or even impossible. Morever, interfering factors such as variations in the material charges, blank-shape faults or material defects often cause an unjustified response of the monitoring systems and false interpretations. The paper presents a surveillance system capable of evaluating the signals coming from the strain gauges in the turning chuck jaws not only for monitoring the chucking force but also for detecting the cutting force during the cutting process. The information contained in the chucking force signal can hence be used successfully both for the determination of the cutting force and for tool breakage recognition.