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Neue Methoden zur Beurteilung von Haselnußkernen. Teil 2: Sauerstoffzehrung

New methods to estimate quality of hazelnuts. Part 2: Oxygen-Consumption
: Rieblinger, K.; Ziegleder, G.

Zucker- und Süßwaren Wirtschaft 48 (1995), No.12, pp.505-506
ISSN: 0373-0204
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Haltbarkeit; Haselnußkern; hazelnut; oxygen; Qualität; quality; Sauerstoff; stability

Roasted hazelnuts consumpt oxygen while aging and rancidity will grow up. The analysis of oxygen-consumption allows to give information about the expected quality for hazelnuts and products containing hazelnuts stored under normal conditions, after few days. The two new descripted methods supply the other methods to estimate quality of hazelnuts: The analysis of triglycerides is useful for raw unroasted hazelnuts, the measurement of oxygen-consumption for roasted hazelnuts. Both methods are measuring the actual quality or nedd only very short storage-time for analysis. These are the advantages compared with many other methods. Oxydations-products (e.g. Hexanal or Heptenal) only can be analysed significantly after aging of hazelnuts. But in practice it is important to have an early information about the stability of raw material, semi-product and fresh produced products.