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Neue Holzwerkstoffe für das Bauwesen

: Marutzky, R.; Herlyn, J.; Thole, V.

Deutsches Architektenblatt, Ausgabe Baden-Württemberg 31 (1999), No.7, pp.957-960
ISSN: 0012-1215
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
strukturorientierter Holzwerkstoff; Anwendungsbereich; Brandschutz; Umweltschutz; structure-oriented wood-based material; application; fire protection; environmental protection

Wood-based materials possess uniform and calculable properties, and they can easily be processed. Thus, they allow architects to standardise the constructional design at short assembly periods and low costs. Conventional wood-based materials like particle board, fibre board and plywood already offer a variety of constructional and designing possibilities essentially enlarged by the new structure-oriented wood-based materials. OSB and solid wood boards especially offer themselves for large areas, and veneer wood and strips of particle board for structural elements. On one hand laminated, foiled and veneered wood-based materials comply with the building owner's wishes regarding the decorative aspects, and on the other hand properties are attained meeting the strict requirements for their use in humid areas or for flooring purposes. The B1 particle board was developed for sensitive areas susceptible to fire. It is hardly inflammable and possesses ecological advantages. Moreover, modern wood-based materials are of low emission, easy to dispose of and produce considerable eco-balances.