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Ein neuartiges horizontales Ausgabegerät für Virtuelle Welten


Thema Forschung (1997), No.2, pp.40-49
ISSN: 1434-7768
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Ergonomieuntersuchung; Projektionsmatrix; stereoskopische Projektion; videobasierte Interaktion; virtuelle Umgebung

The new table like output device was especially developed for application which are usually performed at workbenches. Due to the presentaiton of real or computer-generated images on a horizontal screen, a natural working environment is established. Especially in the field of construction, architecture and medicine an interaction with a horizontal output device offers new and intuitive interaction possibilities. The virtual table supports specific techniques for visualisation, interaction and co-operative work. The different facilities are demonstrated within a number of potential application fields. The innovative output device opens a variety of applications which are described within this paper.