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Nachweis von Weißeinstrahlung an Gußbauteilen. Mikromagnetische Prüfverfahren für die Serienproduktion

: Laub, U.; Meyendorf, N.; Altpeter, I.; Kolberg, F.

Materialprüfung 36 (1994), No.10, pp.400-404
ISSN: 0025-5300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
cast iron; chilling; Gußeisen; harmonic analysis; magnetic Barkhausen noise; magnetisches Barkhausenrauschen; micromagnetic testing; mikromagnetische Prüfung; Oberwellenanalyse; Seriengußbauteile; Sphäroguß; tangential field strength; Tangentialfeldstärke; Weißeinstrahlung

Detection of the tendency to chilling in serial produced cast iron components with micromagnetic testing procedures. For the last decades cast iron producers have been engaged in the problem of tendency to chilling in cast iron components which are important for safety. Tendency to chilling means there is an unintended appearance of lederburite and cementite phases in cast iron that normally congeals as grey cast iron. Micromagnetic testing procedures which are qualified for the non-destructive detection of the tendency to chilling will be introduced. Chilling microstructure states detected by means of micromagnetic procedures show a good correspondence with metallographic results, received at the same location as the micromagnetic results. Thus nondestructive (nd) testing methods can replace tests on selected reference samples and the component itself can be tested on-line.