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Multimedia Applications in Manual Assembly - Concepts and Experiences

Multimedia-Anwendungen in der manuellen Montage - Konzepte und Erfahrungen
: Hüser, M.

Technical University of Kosice, Department of Industrial Engineering; University of Zilina -ZU-, Department of Industrial Engineering:
Nove Trendy v Priemyslovom Inzinierstve
Kosice: Tchnicka univerzita, 1998
European Conference "New Trends in Industrial Engineering" <1, 1998, Kosice>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Arbeitswirtschaft; assembly; industrial engineering; KVP; Montage; multimedia; Zeitwirtschaft

Multimedia technologies show a high potential for application in industry. They can serve as a part of work plans, documentation of time studies, and instrument of continuous improvement. This multi-use scenario allows a profitable implementation with available technologies. The paper consists of 16 viewfoils.