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Elektronische Endverbraucher-Geraete mit Sensoren zur Erfassung von alterungs-, sicherheits-, gesundheits- und umweltrelevanten Groessen

Electronic appliance condition monitoring - uses multifunctional sensors to register the life history and ageing of the components and materials to assess performance and condition in use and for recycling.
: Steiner, K.; Kist, R.

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DE 1993-4337515 A: 19931103
DE 1993-4337515 A: 19931103
EP 1994-931499 AW: 19941028
WO 1994-DE1278 W: 19941028
DE 4337515 C2: 19960605
EP 727077 B1: 19990421
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Multifunctional sensors within and/or at the housing of an appliance, for consumer electronics and business equipment, react to chemical and/or physical conditions. They are connected to a data collection store, to register factors on the length of life, such as functional competence, life history, ageing and the material characteristics of components and component groups of the electronic systems and housings. USE - The system is for consumer electronic products such as audio and audio-visual appliances as HiFi or TV units and assemblies, radio receivers, tuners, amplifiers, tape recorders, Walkman (RTM) and Discman (RTM) units, personal computers, monitors, camcorders, etc. Also for office equipment such as telephones, facsimiles, work-stations, copiers, printers, plotters, memories, tills, automatic typewriters, computers and the like. ADVANTAGE - The system gives the actual condition of the appliance, together with its materials, supplies and performance, for fault finding as well as safety, in use and for recycling.