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Multi-beam concepts for nanometer devices

: Lischke, B.; Brunner, M.; Herrmann, K.H.; Heuberger, A.; Knapek, E.; Schnakenberg, U.; Bennecke, W.; Schäfer, P.

Japanese Journal of applied physics. Part 2, Letters 28 (1989), No.10, pp.2058-2064
ISSN: 0021-4922
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
comb probe printer; electron beam lithography; multi beam concept; multi beam inspection; multi beam technique; nanometer pattern; wafer exposure; X-ray lithography

To overcome the throughput limitations in electron beam nanolithography, a multi beam system is proposed. Theoretical considerations show that this e-beam comb-probe printer with 1024 probes will be capable of combining 25 nm resolution with a maximum beam current of 5 MyA. This allows an exposure speed of 0.1 square centimeter/s, which is orders of magnitude superior to today's most advanced equipment. In addition, the multi beam principle is considered for nanometer pattern inspection and for ion-beam techniques. The basic concepts for these applications are presented. Practical feasibility investigations are the subject of current research.