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A more effective method of in vitro urinary stone disintegration using the Nd-YAG-laser

: Friedrichs, R.; Poprawe, R.; Schulze, W.; Wehner, M.; Schäfer, W.; Rübben, H.

Laser lithotripsy
Berlin/West: Springer, 1988
Book Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
beam coupling; optical process control; window

The first application of laser radiation for urinary stone disintegration has already been described in the 1960s. Meanwhile a variety of different laser systems have been described in vitro and have already been introduced into clinical practice. Up to now there is however no ideal laser system which fulfills all requirements for ideal endoscopic treatment set up by Miller: safety to the patient and operator, attainment of complete calculus destruction and removal, the possibility of a reload or multiple shot facility, rapid action with minimal bleeding, small diameter probe, preferably flexible, variable power settings, cost effectiveness and reliability. The purpose of this paper is to present an in vitro tube system which allows determination of fragment size before starting urinary stone disintigration. (ILT)