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Montageeinrichtung zum Feinpositionieren und Montieren von Teilen mit Vibrationsunterstuetzung

Assembly device for fine positioning and assembly of parts aided by vibration
: Schweigert, U.; Bruegel, B.

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DE 1988-3822435 A: 19880702
DE 1988-3822435 A: 19880702
DE 3822435 C2: 19920430
Patent, Electronic Publication
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In an assembly device for the fine positioning and assembly of parts with vibrational aid for industrial robots having a gripper (7) moved by the robot to pick up, transport and assemble at least one part to a workpiece, in particular a printed circuit board, whereby at least one vibrator is provided to facilitate assembly, said vibrator generating a relative movement of the assembly part in relation to the workpiece and on which the vibration amplitude and/or vibration frequency is adjustable or presettable in relation to the part and/or workpiece, the invention proposes to create a flexible and adaptable assembly device comprising the gripper (7) attached to a special vibrator head (28), said vibrator head (28) having at least two or preferably four plates (2 - 5), said plates (2 - 4) being interconnected by means of springs and/or articulated levers so that a relative movement of two adjacent plates (2 - 3, 3 - 4, 4 - 5) is only possible in the direction of a degree of freedom and t hat the other plates are rigidly interconnected in the direction of this degree of freedom and that a vibration force source (6) is provided between the two adjacent plates, by which the two plates are displaceable by vibration in relation to one another in the direction of the degree of freedom.