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Momentum transfer of an inert gas jet to a free surface of a molten pool

: Pirch, N.; Schulz, W.; Becker, D.; Kreutz, E.W.

Opto Elektronik Magazin 5 (1989), No.7, pp.2-6 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0930-9713
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
boundary; computation; convection; heat transfer; hypothesis; implementation; laser beam; shear stress; transformation

It can be said in summarizing, that, on the one hand, sensor technology is so far developed today that automatic fabric inspection can more than ever be regarded as feasible. In addition, the electronic hardware and software available offers every possibility of solving the problems more successfully than before. The following advantages stem from the use of pattern recognizing methods in textile fabric inspection: -The visual inspection process, which has hitherto been of a subjective nature, is becoming objectifiable, and therefore capable of standardisation. -Producer and customer can instruct the system together, unnecessary complaints due to different evaluation standards being prevented in this way. -Use of the system reduces inspection documentation at no great expense, e.g. in fault accumulation card form, etc. These inspection results can be made accessible to a computer-assisted QS system as computer data, and also to a product planning system. The premises for putting effici ent systems into effect are good, even when marginal economic conditions are included in the calculation. More essential than fresh research are managers who are willing to make decisions, are aware of the risks, are entrepreneurial in the positive sense, and do not, in line with the general spirit of the age, play to the gallery more as "do- nothings" (in terms of the opportunities offered by Germany, the seat of innovation).