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Modulkonstruktion mit anorganischen Membranen

Module construction using anorganic membranes
: Stroh, N.

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DE 1991-4131407 A: 19910920
DE 1991-4131407 A: 19910920
DE 4131407 C2: 19971016
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to the constructive design of modules for filtration plants using anorganic membranes, the structure of the module partners and the special bonding of the module partners. The bonding of the high thermally loaded module partners of metallic connection piece or housing (1) and membrane (2) is alternatively implemented by a step-by-step modification of the expansion coefficients of the module partners, the use of ceramic adhesives (3), metallization of the ceramics in the bonding region and soldering, friction welding for rotational-symmetrical parts or the use of metal bellows (8) and known ceramic membranes or integrated membrane modules are used as the membrane module partner (2). With the objective of reducing filtrate flow pressure losses and ensuring continuous high filtration performance, in particular by the homogeneous loading of the individual membrane channels, an integrated membrane module was developed consisting of a ceramics body which is externally s ealed, e.g. by glazing. The filtrate is discharged through a larger central channel and/or several (geometrically) decentralized channels and which are favourably distributed, said channels not being implemented as membranes.