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Modulkonstruktion fuer Flachmembranen

Module construction for flat diaphragm
: Stroh, N.; Walitza, E.

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DE 1994-4426592 A1: 19940727
DE 1995-19527012 A: 19950724
DE 19527012 C2: 19960704
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a module contruction for flat diaphragms comprising one or several diaphragm cassettes (1) in the form of a stack in an enclosure (2). The cavity enclosed by the individual diaphragm cassettes (1) is open towards the centre (4) for permeate removal by one or several openings (3). The diaphragm cassettes (1) are each separated from one other by a sealing web (5) extending about radially from the centre to the exterior. The external diaphragm cassettes (1) in each case are separated by a sealing web also extending about radially from the centre to the exterior. The sealing webs (5) each separate a feed opening (6a) from a discharge opening (6b) in a plane and thus form a flow channel for the raw medium. Said flow channel extends from the feed opening (6a) along the one side of the sealing web (5) to the central area, flows around the latter and returns along the opposite side of the sealing web (5) to the discharge opening (6b) in the same plane. Adjacent diaphra gm cassettes (1) are turned in relation to each other in such a way that their sealing webs (5) form an angle, and the feed opening of the one plane comes to lie above or below the discharge opening of the adjacent plane. A flow path is thus formed by means of a sealing web (5) between the enclosure (2) and the external diaphragm cassette (1) or between two adjacent diaphragm cassettes (1), whereby the height of the said flow path is ... by the distance ...