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A modular multichannel stimulator for arbitrary shaped current pulses for experimental and clinical use in FES

: Stieglitz, T.; Matal, T.; Staemmler, M.


IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society -EMBS-:
Engineering in medicine & biology. 19th International Conference 1997. Proceedings
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 1997
ISBN: 0-7803-4262-3
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (Conference) <19, 1997, Chicago/Ill.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBMT ()
arbitrary shaped pulse; current control; FES; modular multichannel stimulator; modularer Mulitkanal-Stimulator; Stromkontrolle

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) applies non-square shaped current pulses for selective activation of thin nerve fibers. We developed a multichannel stimulator for the use in FES that enables the application of biphasic, arbitrary shaped current pulses. A high resolution of fast signal portions was combined with the demand of data reduction using a non-equidistant description of the stimulation pulses. The system was realized in a host-client architecture and could be expanded to multiple clients. It operates alternatively as plug-in card via the ISA-bus of a personal computer or as a stand alone device via a serial interface (RS 232 C). Each stimulation channel delivers a maxinium current of +- 4.0 mA with a resolution of 2 my A. Additionally, a measurement unit was implemented to monitor the electrode impedance and an electrode break. A graphical user interface allows an easy and safe operation to control the system. The stimulation was evaluated in first animal experiments. E lectrical nerve stimulation was succesfully performed with current pulses of different shapes.