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Modular magazine for the suitable handling of microparts in industry


Sulzmann, A. ; Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne -EPFL-:
Microrobotics and Microsystem Fabrication
Bellingham, Wash.: SPIE, 1997 (SPIE Proceedings Series 3202)
ISBN: 0-8194-2634-2
International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing <1997, Pittsburgh>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Handhaben; hybrides Mikrosystem; Magazinierung; Materialfluss; MEMS; mikroelektromechanisches System; Mikroelektronik; Mikromechanik; Mikrosystem; SMIF; Werkstückbereitstellung

Microassembly and microadjustment techniques are key technologies in the industrial production of hybrid microelectromechanical systems. One focal point in current microproduction research and engineering is the design and development of high-precision microassembly and microadjustment equipment capable of operating within the framework of flexible automated industrial production. As well as these developments, suitable microassembly tools for industrial use also need to be equipped with interfaces for the supply and delivery of microcomponents. The microassembly process necessitates the supply of microparts in a geometrically defined manner. In order to reduce processing steps and production costs, there is a demand for magazines capable of providing free accessibility to the fixed microcomponents. Commonly used at present are feeding techniques, which originate from the field of semiconductor production. However, none of these techniques fully meets the requirements of industrial mic roassembly technology. A novel modular magazine set, developed and tested in a joint project, is presented here. The magazines are able to hold microcomponents during cleaning, inspection and assembly without any additional handling steps. The modularity of their design allows for maximum technical flexibility. The modular magazine fits into currently practiced SEMI standards. The design and concept of the magazine enables industrial manufacturers to promote a cost-efficient and flexible precision assembly of microelectromechanical systems.