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Moderne Analytik - Basis für die Entwicklung von Plasmapolymeren

: Kruse, A.; Vissing, K.D.; Baalmann, A.

Dünne Schichten (1991), No.4, pp.14
ISSN: 0941-7168
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
contact angle analysis; ESCA; FTIR; low-temperature plasma; plamsa-polymerisation; vinyl-trimethylsilan; XPS

Low-temperature, low-pressure plasmas are widely used in the field of coating technology. Among the various coating processes that are involved in this technology the process of plasma polymerisation is the objective of intensified research activities. Some characteristic features of the generated plasmapolymers are unique and therefore new fields of application are discussed. Nevertheless the plasmapolymerisation process itself is not well understood due to the complex mechanisms in the plasma. In view of this an extensive analytical characterization of the coatings is an important step towards a better understanding. For this purpose the analytical methods ESCA and FTIR as well as the contact angle analysis and ellipsometry are described regarding the specific requirements of plasma polymers.