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Modeling of Thermoelectric Properties of PbSe- and PbSrSe-Epitaxial Films

: Nurnus, J.; Völklein, F.

Univ. Madrid:
4th European Workshop on Thermoelectrics 1998. Proceedings
Madrid, 1998
European Workshop on Thermoelectrics <4, 1998, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Epitaxial; heteroepitaxial films; infrared sensor applications; power-factor; Si; thermoelectric power

the thermoelectric properties of epitaxial PbSe- and PbSrSe-films are compared with models using parabolic bands and the Kane-Model. Scattering of optical and acoustic phonons were taken into account. Temperature dependent data on the thermoelectric transport coefficients of a series of films with different carrier concentrations were compared with the theoretical poredictions. At low reduced Fermi energies (i.e. at high temperatures) optical phonon scattering seems to be more dominant. At high Fermi-energies (i.e. low temperatures) acoustic phonon scattering is more important. However, both scattering mechanisms have to be taken into account over the whole temperature range investigated. For a further refinement of the theory an increase of experimental precision is needed.