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Model based analysis and reengineering of business processes

: Mertins, K.; Edeler, H.; Schwermer, M.

IEPM '95. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Production Management. Proceedings I
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Production Management (IEPM) <1995, Marrakech>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
BPR; business process reengineering; CAD/CAM-planning; CAD/CAM-Planung; enterprise modeling; Geschäftsprozeßmodellierung; Modellierungserfahrung; object oriented modelling; objektorientierte Modellierung; processanalysis; processmodelling; Prozeßanalyse; Prozeßgestaltung; Unternehmensmodellierung

When approaching targets like strenghtening productivity of the company by improving product quality, reducing lead time and optimizing market driven pricing. companies start to concentrate on their main business processes, on gearing all functions and ressources to the process they are involved in and on improving communication by sharing information widely within the processes. In the following the approach of Integrated Enterprise Modelling IEM using Object-Oriented Modelling Technique to model and to clarify the interaction of enterprise components will be introduced. The method will be explained as planning tool by an example. The example describes the optimization of future CAD/CAM-applications as a communication instrument within the process to develop gears.