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Mobile autonomous robot performs free-ranging AGV operation

: Forster, S.

International Fluidics Services Ltd. -IFS-, Kempston:
Technology for tomorrow - automated guided vehicle systems. Proceedings
Kempston, 1989
ISBN: 1-85423-048-4
International Conference on Automated Guided Vehicle Systems <7, 1989, Berlin/West>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Bahnvermessung; fahrerloses Transportieren; FTS; IPAMAR; Koppelnavigation; odometric navigation; position measurement; Schlupfkompensation; slippage compensation; wireless AGV

The transport system IPAMAR represents the technical realization of a cargo vehicle which is driven without guided paths. The odometric navigation is a highly capable navigation component which is necessary for vehicle control without guide paths. Factors influencing the odometric accuracy have been investigated. By measuring the vehicle, errors in the vehicle geometry can be compensated in software. Using relatively simple sensors, algorithms for slippage compensation and the determination of vehicle parameters through a calibration test, can help to attain very high absolute accuracy over a surface in good condition. The remaining drift errors can be compensated by reference point measurements where ultra-sound sensors represent a very economical and capable component for absolute position determination. The IPAMAR transportation system shows that vehicle guidance without lead paths is not only technically but also economically feasible.