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Mobile autonomous robot IPAMAR performs free-ranging AGV operations

: Warnecke, H.-J.; Drunk, G.

Rembold, U.:
Robot Technology and Applications
New York/N.Y.: Dekker, 1990 (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing 34)
ISBN: 0-8247-8206-2
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
AGVS; automated guided vehicle; Autonomes Mobiles System; fahrerloses Transportieren; Flurförderer; Industrieroboter; IPAMAR; Kollision; robot; Roboter; sensor; Steuerungssystem

Free-ranging operations of automated guided vehicles (AGV) are regarded as essential capabilities of transportation systems. The development of a sensor and control system for the navigation of transportation vehicles is an important part of an autonomous mobile robot. The gooal of the research discussed in this section was to find a new system control architecture that on one hand is powerful enough to fulfill the requirements of autonomous operation in a real-world environment and on the other hand, is straightforward enough to be acceptable for industrial use with regard to technological as well as financal considerations. The Specification of the control structure for the autonomous system was based on the requirement of AGV operationsin an industrial environment in order to overcome the disadvantages of using inductive guide systems.