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Milchfettfraktionen. Tl.2. Die Rezeptur muß stimmen.

Milkfat fractions. Part 2. Influence on chocolate quality
: Ziegleder, G.

Süßwaren 37 (1993), No.12, pp.22-27
ISSN: 0721-0825
ISSN: 0039-4653
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
chocolate; crystallization; fat bloom; Fettreif; Geschmack; Haltbarkeit; Kristallisation; Milchfett; Milchfettfraktion; milkfat; milkfat fraction; Qualität; quality; Schokolade; stability; taste

High melting milkfat fractions are an interesting ingredient for chocolate manufacturing. So expensive cocoa butter or soft milkfat may be partly replaced by such fractions. Dark chocolates containing 2 percent of milkfat fraction (mp. 42 degrees C) are comparable in taste to normal chocolates but are much more stable against fat bloom. The addition of 5 percent milkfat fraction (mp. 42 degrees C) to dark chocolates gives less good results, f.e. a rather soft chocolate and a special form of bloom after longterm storage. For milk chocolate manufacturing a replacement of up to 2 percent of cocoa butter against high melting fractions seems applicable. Tempering conditions have to be changed if milkfat fractions are used.