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Mikromechanisches Bauelement und Verfahren zur Herstellung desselben.

Micromechanical component and process for manufacturing the same
: Zimmer, G.; Mokwa, W.

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DE 1990-4017265 A: 19900529
DE 1990-4017265 A: 19900529
EP 1991-909646 AW: 19910521
DE 4017265 A1: 19911205
EP 531347 B1: 19950809
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The description refers to a micromechanical component comprising a substrate and a flat deformable element arranged in parallel to the surface of the substrate, the element being equipped with a mechanical/electrical signal converter. With known components, the deformable element is not electrically insulated from the substrate. They are therefore not suitable for common integration with electrical circuits in CMOS technology. The component according to the invention is characterized by the fact that the substrate and the deformable element are manufactured in one piece from a semiconductor substrate and are electrically insulated from each other. The insulation is obtained by a buried layer produced by ion implantation.