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Micropump, Fluidic Micromotor


Borgmann, H.:
Actuator '96. Conference proceedings
Bremen: AXON Technology Consult, 1996
International Conference on New Actuators <5, 1996, Bremen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Feinwerktechnik; Fluidik; Gerotor; Kleinaktor; Medizintechnik; Mikromotor; Mikropumpe; Mikrotechnologie; Pumpe

The development of small pumps in the area of microsystem technology has lead to many different prototypes, mainly using membranes. In contrast to this, a rotary working pump has been developed at IPA, with which both an improvement in the output, as well as pressures previously not possible have been reached. After a first prototype pump with an outer diameter of 10 mm an optimized prototype with an outer diameter of only 2.5 mm was fabricated by AGIE applying electro-discharge-machining. Presently Fraunhofer IPA is working upon the design of a micromotor with the same functional principles. The applications of the new microhydraulic system are exceedingly numerous and extend from technical to medical products.