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Microlens arrays in special glass type produced by silver ion exchange

: Poßner, T.; Messerschmidt, B.

European Optical Society -EOS-:
Microlens arrays 1997
Teddington, 1997 (European Optical Society topical meeting digest series 13)
European Optical Society (Topical Meeting) <1997, Teddington>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()
gradient index optics; ion exchange; micro-optics; microlens array

The fabrication of gradient-index (GRIN-) lenses and GRIN lens arrays by silver ion exchange is discussed. Thermal and field-assisted exchange processes in a special developed glass type are investigated. Slab-like cylindrical and rod lenses with numerical apertures N.A. up to 0.60 are realized. For applications requiring a low number of high N.A. lenses arrays are formed by assembling single lenses in appropriate sub-mounts. Arrays of low numerical aperture (N.A.<= 0.20) with lenses of down to 32 mu m diameter and diffraction limited performance are formed by field assisted ion exchange using photolithographically patterned glass substates.