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Microlens arrays by field-assisted Ag(+)-exchange

: Messerschmidt, B.; Pfeil, A.; Poßner, T.

Japan Society of Applied Physics -JSAP-; Optical Society of Japan -OSJ-:
MOC/GRIN '97. Technical digest of the 6th Microoptics Conference and the 14th Topical Meeting on Gradient-Index Optical Systems
Tokyo, 1997
Microoptics Conference (MOC) <6, 1997, Tokyo>
Topical Meeting on Gradient Index Optical Systems (GRIN) <14, 1997, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()
characterization of microlenses; gradient index optics; ion exchange; microlens array; microoptics

The formation of both cylindrical as well as sperical microlens arrays by field assisted Ag+-exchange with N.A. up to 0.2 is presented. A special designed optical glass enabling a refractive index increase of 0.14 is used. Modelling of field assisted exchange processes and the aquisition of material parameters like concentration dependent diffusion coefficient are discussed. The lenses are characterized by a shearing interferometer and exhibit diffraction limited performance with numerical apertures N.A. up to 0.20.