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Microhardness and elastic properties of nanocrystalline silver

Mikrohärte und elastische Eigenschaften von nanokristallinem Silber
: Kobelev, N.P.; Soifer, Y.M.; Andrievskii, R.A.; Günther, B.

Physics of the solid state 36 (1994), No.1, pp.118-121
ISSN: 1063-7834
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Härte; mechanische Eigenschaft; nanokristallines Material; Silber

Microhardness and elastic properties of silver nanopowder compacts are measured as a function of annealing temperature in the range 20 degC to 400 degC). The elastic moduli were estimated from measurements of the sound velocity at 5 Mc. A substantial decrease (1 5-20%) of the effective elastic moduli on increasing annealing temperature is observed. A possible explanation of this phenomenon is given