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Micro-Non-Destructive Testing for structure and defects, especially in new materials

: Arnold, W.; Höller, P.

Ultrasonics International '89. Proceedings
Cambridge: Butterworth and Co. (Publishers), 1989
Ultrasonics International <1989, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
akustische Mikroskopie; Hochfrequenzultraschall; Keramik; Neues Material; Ultraschall; Ultraschallrückstreuung

Micro-Non-Destructive (Micro-NDT) comprises several objectives. Firstly, detection of small defects in components whose presence might cause failure of the components. Secondly, non-destructive testing of small components, for example, micromechanical devices. It also comprises the evaluation of material parameters pertaining to proper functioning of components. These can be achieved by exploiting the interaction behavior of electromagnetic, X-ray, particle, and ultrasonic radiation with matter.