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Methoden zur Optimierung von Festigkeit und Lebensdauer thermisch gespritzter Werkstoffverbunde

Methods for optimizing strength and life-time of thermally sprayed coatings
: Pantucek, P.

Deutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik e.V. -DVS-, Düsseldorf:
TS 93. Vorträge und Posterbeiträge der gleichnamigen internationalen DVS-Tagung 1993
Düsseldorf: DVS-Verlag, 1993 (DVS Berichte 152)
ISBN: 3-87155-457-X
pp.148-151 : Abb.
Thermische Spritzkonferenz (TS) <13, 1993, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Beschichtung; ceramic; coating; Eigenspannung; engine; fatigue life; Festigkeit; friction; keramischer Werkstoff; Lebensdauer; Oberflächenbehandlung; Reibung; residual stress; strength; surface treatment; thermally sprayed coating; thermisches Spritzen; Triebwerk

Performance of coated compounds can be defined mainly by different percentage of ADHESION, COHESION AND ABRASION, ruled by the local maximal of strain- amplitude and sensitivity to quasistatic mean-strain as well - especially in case of "non-plastificable" tops. "Consistency" - adhesion plus contact-force or -geometry - rises, multiplied by 1000 in TC, if compressive strains of defined amount are induced high temperature stabile by tailored heating-cooling strategies shaping suitable Temperature-Gradients, thus improoving performance for serial production purpose.