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Metallkomplexe in anorganischen Matrices, 5 - Katalytische Silanoxidation an einem heterogenisierten Rhodium-Komplex

: Egger, C.; Schubert, U.

Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B 46 (1991), pp.783-788
ISSN: 0044-3174
ISSN: 0932-0776
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISC ()
Anorganik; Metallkomplexe; Rhodium-Komplex; silane; Silanoxidation; sol-gel

A heterogenized rhodium complex, prepared by sol-gel processing of Rh(CO)ClÄPPh2CH2CH2Si(OEt)3Ü2 and Si(OEt)4, is shown to catalyze the conversion of the silanes H(4-n)SiPh2 (n=1-3) or (HMe2Si)2O to (poly)siloxanes by air or water. Using THF as a solvent, the silanoles Ph3SiOH or Ph2Si(OH)2 are obtained instead. The reaction of phenylacetic acid or acetic acid with HSiPh3 to give silyl esters is catalyzed by the same compound.