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Metallalkoxide mit hydrolysestabiler Komplexbindung von Anionen der Hydroxamsaeure

Metal alkoxides with hydrolytically stable hydroxamic acid anions as ligands - esp. titanium and zirconium cpds. are useful in coating and interface materials or catalysts prepd. by sol-gel process e.g. materials with variable optical properties.
: Schubert, U.; Neumann, G.; Barglik Chory, C.

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DE 1995-19524859 A: 19950707
DE 1995-19524859 A: 19950707
DE 19524859 A1: 19970109
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Reaction prods. of hydroxamic acids RC(O)NO-H2 with metal alkoxides M(OR')x are new; in which M = a main gp. or transition metal, pref. Ti or Zr; R' = substd. or pref. unsubstd. alkyl, aryl or alkylaryl gp., esp. 1-12, more esp. 1-4 C alkyl, partic. i-Pr; R = an alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, alkylaryl, alkenylaryl, alkynylaryl, aryl, arylalkyl, arylalkenyl or arylalkynyl gp., opt. substd. with e.g. OH, NH2, halogen, CN, CNO, SH, phosphano (PR2) or other gps., in which some C atom(s) may be replaced by hetero-atoms and the opt. modified C chain may be linear, branched or cyclic; x = the no. of alcoholate gps. OR' needed for neutralising M in M(OR')x. Also claimed are cpds. of the formulae (I) - (III) M(OR')n(RC(O)NO)(x- n)2(R'OH)m (I), in which n = 0 to x-1, esp. 0 or 2; m = the no. of co-ordinated alcohol mols. R'OH; [M(RC(O)NO-H)2O]3 (II); and [M(RC(O)NO)O] (III). USE - The reaction prods. and cpds. (I), (II) and (III) are used in coating materials, interface materials or catalysts prepd. by the sol-gel process (all claimed). They can be used for varying the optical properties of coating materials e.g. in conjunction with organo-functional silane; and for producing co-catalytic or promoter properties to a metal oxide matrix. ADVANTAGE - These organic modified metal alkoxides contain hydrolytically-stable organic ligands.