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Metal and ceramic prototypes using the Multiphase Jet Solidification (MJS) process

Metallische und keramische Prototypen mit dem Multiphase jet Solidification (MJS) Verfahren
: Greul, M.

Conference on Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing 1997. Proceedings
Aarhus, 1997
Conference on Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing <1997, Aarhus>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
ceramic prototypes; keramische Prototypen; metallic prototypes; metallische Prototypen; powder technology; process development; Pulvertechnologie; Rapid Prototyping; Verfahrensentwicklung

The commercial Rapid Prototyping processes fulfil the need of functional prototypes only for a few materials. For this reason today mot of the metallic prototypes are produced in a two step process. The part is designed on a 3D CAD system and built with a Rapid Prototyping system out of a wax or a castable material. In a second step the part is produced in a metallic alloy by an investment casting process. But this procedure cuts down the time reduction that can be reached by using Rapid Prototyping. In order to fulfill the requirements for the direct production of metallic and ceramic prototypes for functional application and testing, the development of new processes and materials are key research areas. Some approaches are on the basis of powder metallurgical techniques. A new process named Multiphase Jet Solidification (MJS) has been developed, able to produce metallic or ceramic parts out of powder-binder mixtures in a freeforming manner.