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Medizinisches Instrument mit angekuppeltem Arbeitseinsatz

Medical instrument coupled to a work unit
: Eckert, R.; Dangelmaier, M.; Breining, R.; Solf, J.; Bonnet, L.; Hiltebrandt, S.; Boebel, M.

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DE 1993-4341061 A: 19931202
DE 1993-4341061 A: 19931202
DE 4341061 C1: 19950614
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The instrument has a work unit detachably coupled to a handle whose distal end is provided with a tool which is operable by the axial displacement of a rod running through the work unit. The work unit has a rotary connection to a rotary handle which can be turned by the work unit about the instrument's longitudinal axis and relative to a thumb handle, which can be adjusted together with a first operating element relative to the handle, so that the operating element acts on the longer arm of a double-arm lever system which is arranged in a fixed bearing relative to the handle. The shorter arm of the lever system engages in a second axially movable operating element connected to the rod in such a way that on adjusting the first operating element in a direction, the second operating element is adjusted by the rod in the opposite direction.