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Mechanical press with compensation device for press ram - has active hydraulic unit with cylinders coupled to double- sided hydrostatic machine.
: Jung, E.; Seifert, V.; Päßler, T.

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DE 1997-19703049 A: 19970128
DE 1997-19703049 A: 19970128
DE 19703049 C1: 19980625
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device applies a compensation force, and consists of an active hydraulic unit (110). This has at least one hydraulic cylinder (114) positioned between a ram (112) and a press frame (100). The cylinder is coupled to a double-sided pivoted hydrostatic machine (116). The machine is directly connected to the flywheel (118) of a main press drive (120). The connection may be via a transmission stage, or alternatively, the machine may be connected to the flywheel of an auxiliary drive. The compensation force for the ram is adjusted variably and independently of the stroke by the hydrostatic machine via a regulator (124). USE - Compensation device for press ram is incorporated in mechanical press. ADVANTAGE - Compensation force is variably adjustable independently of stroke.