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Maximum intensity projection using splatting in sheared object space

: Cai, W.; Heng, P.-A.

Göbel, M.; Ferreira, F.N. ; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-; Grupo Portugues de Computacao Grafica -CPCG-, Porto:
Eurographics '98. The European Association for Computer Graphics 19th annual conference
Oxford: Blackwell, 1998 (Computer graphics forum 17,3)
Eurographics <19, 1998, Lisboa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
MIP; shear warp; splatting; volume rendering

In this paper we present a new Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) algorithm which was implemented employing splatting in a shear-warp context. This algorithm renders a MIP image by first splatting each voxel on two intermediate spaces called "worksheet" and "shear image". Then, the maximum value is evaluated between worksheet and shear image. Finally, shear image is warped on the screen to generate the result image. Different footprints implementing different quality modes are discussed. In addition, we introduced a line encoded indexing speed-up method to obtain interactive speed. This algorithm allows for a quantitative, predictable trade-off between interactivity and image quality.