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Materials for extreme dynamic loads

: Kunze, H.-D.; Meyer, L.W.

Murr, L.E.:
Metallurgical applications of shock-wave and high-strain-rate phenomena
New York/N.Y.: Dekker, 1986
Book Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

In this paper emphasis is given to attempts to correlate manufacturing parameters and high-strain rate properties of metals and alloys. Investigations up to strain-rates have been performed mainly under tension, some also under compression or bending, in a few cases extended to temperatures different to RT or under biaxial stress conditions. First results are discussed in terms of strength and ductility as influenced by conventional deformation and heat-treatment. Materials under consideration will mainly be high-strength steel, but also some results will be given on Ti, Al and W-heavy-metal alloy. The range of the problems under consideration is determined mainly by the specific questions of applied research and hence the theoretical picture must necessarily remain incomplete at this time.