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Materials-flow-systems for automatic storage, transport and handling of tools

: Duve, B.; Schieleit, J.

China Society of Industrial Automation and Automated Industries:
1st International Conference on Automation Technology '90. Proceedings
International Conference on Automation Technology <1, 1990, Taipei>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Palette; Werkzeughandhabung; Werkzeugkommissionierung; Werkzeuglagerung; Werkzeuglogistik; Werkzeugpalette; Werkzeugtransport

In the general, most of the companies on the field of metal cutting focus on the automation of the workpiece handling at the machine tools. This trend was supported by the development of new methods for the exchange and the buffering of workpieces. On the one hand, there are the goals of increasing productivity and growing flexibility which finally lead to lower overall production costs. This can be achieved by operations which are parallel to the essential operating time, for example setup operations. On the other hand, the transport, the storage and retrieval, and the handling of the tools can be improved by the use of standardized tool carriers (e.g. tool pallets). The latter aspect is a starting point for new concepts in tool logistics.