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Massagegeraet zur Koerpermassage

Massage equipment for body massage - is in the form of unit that stands by side of table and has three-dimensional control of movement of massage head mounted on a support.
: Woeltje, K.; Volz, H.

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DE 1995-19524666 A: 19950706
DE 1995-19524666 A: 19950706
DE 19524666 C1: 19961121
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The massage system is in the form of a unit that unfolds out of a storage box (16). The structure has an arm (3) that is supported on a vertical pillar (2) and projects radially above a table (8) on which the person undergoing massage is lying. The arm provides a slideway for the massage head that is at the end of a support column (7). Built into the columns is an electrical drive for the head. The head may be moved on the support system in directions along the length (1) and across the width. The height above the table may also be controlled. Built into the head support is a spring system and a force sensing system. USE/ADVANTAGE - Simple cost effective massage system for back and legs.