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The machining of soft magnetic materials with TiN coated HSS tools.

Zerspanen von weichmagnetischen Werkstoffen mit TiN-beschichteten HSS-Werkzeugen
: Spur, G.; Byrne, G.; Onikura, H.

Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Feinbearbeitungstechnologie 55 (1989), No.9
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
coated cutting tool; machinability; soft magnetic material; surface integrity; TiN coated HSS

Soft magnetic materials find common application in electronic and electrical engineering as well as in information technology. The nickel-iron family of soft magnetic materials exhibit very poor machinability as evidenced by the extremely short tool life which arises when machining using classical tool materials. In addition cutting operations lead to a deterioration in magnetic properties of magnetically annealed components. In this article the experimental results obtained when machining MUMETALL with TiN coated HSS and other tool materials are reported. Results of investigations into the tool wear mechanisms and surface integrity are presented and discussed for the turning, milling and drilling operations. The detailed investigation of the scatter of tool life results obtained when milling with indexible inserts is explained in terms of reproducable quality of the cutting tools coated using the PVD process.