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Lower chlorinated dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in samples from the paper industry

: Gruber, L.; Santl, H.

Austria, Federal Environmental Agency, Vienna:
Dioxin '93 - Short papers. Organohalogen compounds. Vol.11
Vienna, 1993
ISBN: 3-85457-129-1
International Symposium on Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds (Dioxin) <13, 1993, Vienna>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
alkylated tetrachlorinated dibenzofuran; analysis; lower chlorinated PCDD/F; paper

A study concerning the occurrence of dioxin-like compounds in samples from the paper industry has been carried out. Some final extracts of selected samples (deinking sludge, paper mill biosludge, solid fiber board) were analysed for lower chlorinated PCDD/F and dioxin-like compounds. No detectable amounts of di- and trichlorinated dioxins could be found, wheras di- and trichlorinated furans were quantified in the ppb range. No measurable amounts of alkylated tetrachlorodibenzodioxins, tetrachlorothianthrenes and tetrachlorothiophenes were detected too. Alkylated TCDFs were found in trace amounts, but in most cases it was not possible to distinguish between mass traces from alkylated polychloroalkylbibenzyls and alkylated TCDFs.