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Long term corrosion of glasses in salt brines

: Roggendorf, H.; Schmidt, H.

Properties of glass
Congress on Glass <15, 1989, Leningrad>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISC ()
chemical durability; Glas; Korrosion; radioactive wastes; safety assessment

Borosilicate glasses are supposed to be a suitable matrix for the fixation of calcined radioactive wastes. For the safety assessment of the disposal of these glasses in geological formations like carnallite or rock salt, their chemical durability in saturated salt brines has been investigated. Temperatures up to 200 degrees C, pressures up to 130 bar, and corrosion times up to 5 years were applied. Special attention was given to the long term corrosion which is mainly characterized by the saturation of the corroding solution (leachate) with respect to silica.