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Logistik und Technologie

: Jünemann, R.; Müller, E.

European Logistics Association, Research and Development Committee:
ELA Logistics Educators Conference 1994
Brüssel, 1994
21 pp.
Logistics Educators Conference <1994, Brüssel>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
City-Logistik; Informationstechnik; Kommunikationstechnik; Logistikausbildung; Logistiksystem; mobiler Roboter; Umweltschutz

Based on the findings that 70 percent of forewardlooking technologies are to be expected in information and communication techniques as well as new materials, this lecture about a mobile rack with autonomous warehouse vehicles, an automatic crane, order-picking systems for food and brochures as well as an open material flow or logistic control. Concerning reduction of the traffic volume the Home-Order-and-Receive-Market (HORM)-concept as well as City-Logistics are presented. It is shown how modern I- and C-technologies can be used for planning, putting into practice, continuous improvement and disposal of logistic systems. Finally, based on the general task of a logistican new requirements on logistic education are determined