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A liquid phase sintering model

Application to Si N and WC-Co
: McHugh, P.E.; Riedel, H.


Acta Materialia 45 (1997), No.7, pp.2995-3003
ISSN: 1359-6454
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Flüssigphasensintern; hardmetal; Hartmetall; liquid phase sintering; sintering; Sintern

A model for liquid phase sintering is examined. The model accounts for solid densification during sintering by particle rearrangement and contact flattening, with large pore fitting and grain coarsening in the final stages of sintering. The liquid phase, which develops during heating, aids the solution and diffusion of solid atoms. The model is used to simulate the sintering of Si3N4. The bulk viscosity is calculated for various sintering histories. The bulk viscosity, subjected to a normalisation, is shown to be approximately a unique function of density. A simplified version of the model is developed for the case where rearrangement is small. The model is applied to WC-Co and is modified to account for solution of WC in Co and rearrangement prior to binder melting. The sintering of a WC-Co turning insert is simulated and conclusions are drawn on the importance if the constitutive model in predicting shape distortions in such cases.