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Lateral carrier profile for mesa-structured InGaAs/GaAs lasers

Ladungsträgerprofil in mesa-strukturierten InGaAs/GaAs-Lasern
: Torre, M.S.; Esquivias, I.; Romero, B.; Czotscher, K.; Weisser, S.; Ralston, J.D.; Larkins, E.; Benz, W.; Rosenzweig, J.


Journal of applied physics 81 (1997), No.9, pp.6268-6271
ISSN: 0021-8979
ISSN: 1089-7550
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
InGaAs/GaAs; lateral carrier profile; laterales Ladungsträgerprofil; mesa waveguide; Mesa-Wellenleiter; MQW-Laser

We study the influence of lateral carrier diffusion on the properties of In(0.35)Ga(0.65)As/GaAs multiple quantum well lasers by comparing theoretical and experimental results. A model including the carrier diffusion terms into the rate equations has been used to calculate the dc and small-signal lateral profiles for both unconfined and confined carriers in mesa waveguide devices. The theoretical results were compared with experimental results of the frequency dependence of the subthreshold electrical impedance and small-signal spontaneous emission, and with the measured threshold currents for lasers with different mesa widths. The comparison yielded an estimation for the nonradiative and radiative recombination coefficients, the ambipolar diffusion constant, and the external surface recombination velocity.