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Load carrying device for storage containers
: Schroer, W.; Grafe, W.; Jodin, D.; Becker, R.

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DE 1991-4112830 A: 19910419
DE 1991-4112830 A: 19910419
EP 1992-106577 A: 19920416
DE 4112830 C2: 19950601
EP 509499 B1: 19951227
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The description refers to a load carrying device for storage containers with handles, for use in particular with storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses, overhead conveyor systems and industrial trucks, comprising telescopic grippers mounted laterally in the picking/placing direction of a transport container. The grippers are formed as drawbars (2) which can be swivelled about rotating joints (1), having rotating rollers (8) at their picking ends for hooking into the handle of the storage container (7), whereby the swivel movement of the drawbar (2) is driven by a single linear drive (15) and a detent pawl (12) interacting with the linear drive (15) and the drawbar (2) is provided to change the pull-in/out movement of the drawbar (2). A friction belt drive (10) engaging laterally in the storage container (7) is arranged in the inner contour area of the load carrying device, the reaction force of the friction belt drive being taken up by pressure absorption devices (11) loca ted opposite.