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Laserstrahlschweissen im kW-Leistungsbereich durch schnelle Strahlablenkung

: Klotzbach, A.; Hartmann, A.; Morgenthal, L.

FH für Technik und Wirtschaft Mittweida:
IWKM '98. 13. Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Mittweida
Mittweida, 1998 (Scientific reports. Journal of the Mittweida University of Technology and Economics 1998)
pp.149-156 (Nr.9, Lasertechnik)
FH Mittweida (Internationale wissenschaftliche Konferenz) <13, 1998, Mittweida>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
beam deflection; high power laser; laser; Scannertechnik; scanning; Schweissen; Strahlablenkung; welding

The Fraunhofer Institute IWS developed a beam-deflection system which can be used for rapid moving of a high-power laser beam over the workpiece surface. Therefore it is pos-sible to scan even rather small paths with high-speed. The system contents two Galvanometerscanner with specially designed lightweight mirrors in combination with a dynamic beam-focussing unit. All components as well as the laser power are controlled.The scanner processing head is able to handle CO2-laser power up to 4 kW. The maxi-mum size of the sphere of work depends on the required intensity. Possible are fields from 50 mm square up to 500 mm square. Within these range it is feasible to establish a con-stant velocity up to 10 m/s with high accuracy even on wavy or incline surfaces.