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Laser-Arc - A new method for preparation of diamond-like carbon films

Laser-Arc - Eine neue Methode für die Abscheidung von diamantähnlichen Kohlenstoffschichten
: Schöneich, B.; Pompe, W.; Siemroth, P.; Scheibe, H.J.

Surface and coatings technology 47 (1991), pp.455-464
ISSN: 0257-8972
European Conference on Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon Coatings <1, 1990, Crans-Montana>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
amorphe Struktur; amorphous structure; diamantähnliche Kohlenstoffschicht; diamond-like carbon film; DLC-film; laser-induced film deposition; laserinduzierte Schichtabscheidung; LPVD; PVD-Technik; PVD-technique; vacuum arc evaporation; Vakuumbogenverdampfung

The method of laser-induced vacuum arc evaporation (laser-arc) combines the advantages of laser pulse vapor deposition (LPVD) and the widely used vacuum arc evaporation. When controlled effectively and precisely, it combines the pulse deposition of LPVD with the high energy efficiency of vacuum arc evaporation. The properties of the deposits are similar to those obtained by vacuum arc evaporation, characterized by plasma-sustained ion bombardment. Plasma-deposited films adhere well to the substrate and have a dense microstructure. In this paper, the latest results of the technological development of the laser-arc method are presented. Investigations of arc ignition and film deposition were carried out for different materials, in particular carbon. The first results of diamond-like carbon film deposition are presented. Deposition rates of about 5 nm s-1 can be achieved. The results of structural and chemical analysis by transmission elctron microscopy and electron diffraction are presen ted. It is shown by ellipsometry that diamond-like carbon films with a refractive index in the range 2.1-2.5 can be deposited effectively.