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Large area microwave-plasma CVD of diamond wafers for optical and thermal applications

Mikrowellen-Plasmaabscheidung großflächiger Diamantschichten für optische und thermische Anwendungen

Fujiwara, S.; Kamo, M.; Ruoff, R.; Heimann, R.; Marton, D.; Hiraoka, H. ; Materials Research Society of Japan, Tokyo; International Union of Materials Research Societies -IUMRS-:
Super carbon. The Fourth IUMRS International Conference in Asia. Symposium I
Tokyo: MYU, 1998
pp.119-122 : Ill., Lit.
International Union of Materials Research Societies (International Conference in Asia) <4, 1997, Makuhari>
IUMRS-ICA <4, 1997, Makuhari>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
CVD; Diamant; diamond; optical window; optisches Fenster; plasma deposition; Plasmaabscheidung

Based on numerical simulations, a novel microwave-plasma CVD reactor with an elliptical cavity has been designed that exhibits excellent performance and stability. After the successful test of a system with 2.45 GHz and 6 kW microwave power, an up-scaled version equipped with a 915 MHz, 60 kW generator has been realized, which allows deposition on 6" substrates. These reactors have been utilized to deposit diamond layers of up to 1 mm thickness. CVD diamond wafers with thermal conductivity up to 20 W/cmK have been processed into heat spreaders to be used as submounts of high power laser diodes, thus providing improved cooling performance. The diamond windows exhibit broad-band optical transmission. Optical absorption coefficients at 10.6 mu m below 0. 1 cm(-1) have been measured, suggesting applications as windows for high-power C02 lasers.