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Landau damped intersubband plasmons in InAs/AlSb quantum wells

Landau-gedämpfte Intersubband-Plasmonen in InAs/AlSb quantum wells
: Richards, D.; Wagner, J.; Schmitz, J.


Solid State Communications 100 (1996), pp.7-12
ISSN: 0038-1098
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
InAs/AlSb quantum well; Intersubband-Plasmon; raman spectroscopy; Ramanspektroskopie

We present a combined theoretical and Raman scattering study of coupled intersubband plasmon-LO phonon modes in InAs/AlSb quantum wells, highlighting the importance of the InAs conduction band nonparabolicity in such systems. We demonstrate that under the illumination conditions of the Raman measurements, electron densities can be as high as 4 x 10(exp12) cm(exp -2) and give evidence of Landau damping of intersubband plasmons.